BahramCo more than 30 years on fruit market

Bahramco is an international trading company in the field of export and import of fresh products.
The head office of this company is as the industrial and agricultural center of Iran in Isfahan.
We provide the facilities and equipment needed to take care of the entire supply chain, including storage
and packaging growth. We have exported to Persian Gulf countries, India, Russia, Armenia,
Iraq and Afghanistan. Bahramco's 30 years of experience in harvesting and storage assures
customers that it offers quality products.



Strategically located facilities equiped with advanced coldstorages, machine sorting, packing and banana ripening. Massive networks and transport system scaled both for import and export of fresh produces.


Honesty | Hardwork | Goodwill We belive these are integral to who we are and our corporate culture. Arya sam creates partneships based on these values


Our mission is being the region's global agricultural network through our extensive services and infastructure, and fostering positive relations with all stakeholders.


shipments are delivered to the customer in the shortest time from the day of harvest to delivery. Our prices are completely competitive and are determined according to market conditions and the interests of our customers.